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  1. Manages, supervises, and directs the following statewide administrative programs and/or positions: Grievance Referral Program; Ethics Helpline; Compliance Monitor; Special Administrative Counsel; letters of good standing; classification process of the disciplinary system.
  2. Assists in special projects for the Commission for Lawyer Discipline, as assigned by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, such as drafting proposed rule amendments, legislation, annual report, training materials for incoming members, and power point updates presented by Commission members to the Board of Directors.
  3. Serves as Regional Counsel for the assigned geographic region, managing all personnel in the regional office, managing all aspects of the grievance system administered by the regional office, and implementing, and overseeing the budget for the regional office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.
  4. Prepares materials, including procedural guides and other training manuals for the training of grievance committee members and staff, in coordination with Deputy Counsel for Litigation and Regional Counsel.
  5. Advises the Chief Disciplinary Counsel in the management of the statewide operating standards and procedures for processing grievance complaints against attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas.
  6. Represents the Commission for Lawyer Discipline in investigatory and evidentiary hearings, state district and federal court proceedings. Evaluates and negotiates settlements for recommendation to the Commission for Lawyer Discipline in both evidentiary and district court proceedings. Maintains a trial docket and is responsible for the more complex, egregious, high-profile, attorney discipline cases.
  7. Upon request, serves as staff liaison for the Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee.
  8. Attends meetings as necessary in the performance of the functions of the position.
  9. Responds to requests for disciplinary information from other departments of the State Bar or from outside sources as directed.
  10. Performs special projects assigned by the Chief Disciplinary Counsel.
  11. Perform other responsibilities as required.