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#IAMBLACKAUSTIN is an interactive campaign highlighting the multi-dimensional expression of Black life in Austin, TX. The individuals represented in these images have contributed to establishing community for African-Americans in a city that is rapidly gentrifying the ‘East side’ where the majority of them have lived and worked. The collection of photos will serve as a visual historical reference that reclaims a space that would otherwise be forgotten.

Don’t miss an opportunity to support #IAMBLACKAUSTIN in its Quarterly Exhibition to highlight notable African-Americans in our Greater Austin community.

The #IAMBLACKAUSTIN Campaign is sponsored by the City of AustinVisit AustinGoogle Fiber and Bank of America.

The #IAMBLACKAUSTIN Campaign is a part of the African American Quality of Life Initiative. To find out more about African American Quality of Life in Austin, click here.

GOAL OF PROJECT:  To create a digital campaign to help market, promote and capture the black experience in Austin leading to increased tourism, professional retention and celebration of a broad range of African Americans in Austin.

FREQUENCY OF PROJECT: This is an ongoing, annual campaign that will highlight individuals throughout the course of the year.

TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC:  The campaign is designed to connect individuals to Austin by giving them a sense of relevancy and connection to the broad Austin eclectic community. The campaign will include individuals from a range of industries (art, film, technology, law, civic leadership, business) and life situations (single, married couple with children) as well as geographical locations within and around the City of Austin.

NOMINATION: If you would like to nominate someone to participate in the #IAMBLACKAUSTIN Campaign, please complete the form here.