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Rylet Industries, LLC

Rylet Industries, LLC is a cyber security firm based in Austin, TX. We’re focused on delivering the best possible cyber resilience, employee training, and breach response tools and services to small-to-medium businesses. We believe the human element is just as, if not more, important than technological solutions aimed against today’s growing cyber security risks.

Hence, training a company’s employees from the bottom-up, providing them with standards-based disaster plans, and giving them the most effective technological tools will do more for them than wishful thinking or over investing in prohibitively expensive security products. We offer a myriad of accessible and actionable solutions via three affordable subscriptions plans.

Rylet’s number one goal is to make small businesses cyber resilient against today’s most common cyber security threats.

(855) 479-5385
2110 W. Slaughter Lane Ste 107
Vulk LLC
Vulk designs, builds, and deploys software for those in need of a technical team-approach. We solve business problems with a blend of creative and development services in a cooperative environment.

Our clients are our partners, as we believe that a successful project is one where all parties are on the same team. While projects come in an innumerable variety of shapes, sizes, and scopes, we follow a battle-tested process to get you successfully from idea to awesome: make it work, make it beautiful, make it fast.
Each partner is a senior in their respective field, whether that be development, devops, or design. We have over 40 years experience, as a collective. We come together like pieces in a puzzle, while retaining versatility. We reinforce and lift one another up, as well as our client-partners and colleagues.

Video technology and production company. Integrating video products into websites to help business showcase, educate and train.

Offer online marketing tools using new video technology. Develop basic to complex websites for business integrating video into the platform. Provides video production services for professionals, businesses, organizations and corporations.

(512) 535-8600
Future Marketing Solution
We Are Future Marketing Solution.. A professional team of Apple and Android Mobile Application Developers..

We Are Future Marketing Solution.. A professional team of Apple and Android Mobile Application Developers.. We specialize in Mobile Websites & Apps For Small Business Of All Industries!! Restaurants,Hairstylist, Clothing Boutique’s, Public Figures, Magazines, Gyms, Bars, Clubs, and many, many more.. We make it our business to build custom mobile apps that are customized for every customer. With our secure and easy to use system, you can give your customer’s an exciting user friendly mobile experience that will keep them coming back for more. QR coupons, GPS Directions, Live Podcast, Menus and Tell A Friend are just a few of the features that we have to offer.

Cyphercast LLC

Operation of a social media website, namely, creating an on-line community for registered users to listen to and purchase music of musical artists; Computer services, namely, hosting online web facilities for others for organizing and conducting online meetings, gatherings, and interactive discussions; Computer services in the nature of customized web pages featuring user-defined information, personal profiles and information.