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Water 2 Wine

No need to head to Napa or the Hill Country…..we bring the winery to you, right here in Austin! Water 2 Wine is an operating winery where all of our wines are fermented on site. We start with the grape “must” sourced from only the finest vineyards around the world and create the wine in small batches for you to enjoy by the glass, bottle or be a vintner and make a batch for yourself.

Start by visiting any of our winery and participate in a wine tasting to find the wine you like. Stay and enjoy a glass of wine in the winery, purchase by the bottle (let us add a quick custom label to make it extra special), or craft a batch (28 to 30 bottles) of your own personalized wine with custom labels. It’s less work than you might think, plus a ton of fun and very affordable! The added bonus is that all of our wines offer significantly lower sulfites so that most everyone can enjoy our wines with fewer negative side effects. Go ahead…uncork and unwind at Water 2 Wine-South Austin.

4036 S. Lamar Blvd
Bydee Art

My name is Brian Joseph but I am also called “Bydeeman” because I paint and share the philosophy of the fictitious Bydee People that I created with my first painting on September 9, 1986.

All the items I sell (originals, prints, books, cards and t-shirts) display colorful images of the Bydee People.  I have been in business for almost 30 years as the owner of Bydee Art Gallery. Presently I only sell my art online because of  the convenience and flexibility it allows me.  Bydee means Bringing You Delightful Entertaining Experiences.

8202 Edgemoore Pl.
S.W.A.G Essentials

So just what was the motivation behind the creation of Soaps Washes & Grooming Essentials? The answer is simple: pure necessity.
In 2012, Celebrity Esthetician and Expert Product Developer, Lydia Evans developed the first ever product of its kind in the world: the SW&G Bar. A patent-pending 3-in-1 loofah soap that cleanses, exfoliates & disinfects the surface of your skin in one use.
After many years in the Medical Spa industry, Evans garnered an extensive knowledge of skin care.  Providing treatments for the fairest to the most mocha skin tones and ethnicities, quality skin care comes natural to our founder.
Giving customers supreme quality, action packed skin care with lightning speed results is what we do. With an international client base from celebrities to professional athletes to business executives, SW&G Essentials is quickly taking the grooming industry by storm.