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BottomLine Solutions, Inc.
Through workshops, organizational consulting, and individual coaching, we show you and your teams how to produce transformational results for your enterprise and those your enterprise intends to serve.

BLS offers a broad range of coaching, consulting, and training and development services. Our systems orientation helps our clients understand the complexities of their enterprise, shape their future direction and develop strategies that sustain greatness.

We work with clients to improve their ability to engage productively with others in several critical ways:
• Attuned communication: Sometimes called emotional empathy, this is the ability to feel another’s feelings — children need attunement enables people to feel safe around us, a prerequisite for learning and the expression of creativity
• Emotional Balance: Being able to keep from being overwhelmed or becoming inflexible in one’s emotional response
• Response Flexibility: The capacity to pause before action; select from a variety of choices and then initiate action
• Insight: The ability to integrate multiple streams of information from internal and external sources to gain a deep understanding of a situation or state
• Empathy: Sometimes called cognitive empathy, this is the ability to see another’s point of view and understand their logic system
• Intuition: Respecting and making sense out of the all important energy and information flows from the brain around the heart and the brain around the gut

Executives are faced with a rapidly changing and challenging landscape. To sustain great performance, a more holistic approach to leading people and managing work is required. We support our clients in creating and sustaining excellence in three areas:
• Transformational Change Leadership: System-wide change to create breakthrough results.
• Strategic Planning & Execution: A System-wide structure and process that ensures that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
• Performance Management: The structure of accountability for performance and results that gets the organization where it wants to go.

BottomLine Solutions, Inc.
HR Matters Global

I am a passionate professional with over 25 years of experience in key areas of Human Resources and Change
Management, with emphasis on Strategic HR Planning, Talent Management, Organizational Restructuring,
Staffing and Industrial Relations. Broad international experience in geographies such as Latin America, Asia,
Europe, Africa and USA, always in world-class leading companies including Texas Instruments, Dell and
– Strategic HR Planning
-Change Management
– Acquisitions Integration
– Leadership Development
– Workforce Planning
– Business Conduct / FCPA
– Corporate Services
-Diversity and Inclusion

Blue Star Solutions, LLC
Veteran Owned and operated.

We at Blue Star Solutions LLC are here to ensure that your yard and property investment pays off with plenty of curb appeal. Our company has built a reputation for providing superior lawn care service. Our lawn technicians and landscapers are the most dedicated and detailed in the industry. We make a point to keep up with the latest trends in lawn care.
Let us handle all your landscaping needs and provide you with a smashingly beautiful yard.

PO Box 1586
cedar park


Jordache Johnson / Unbound Business

Empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses and lives.

C-Suite Small Business
We help small-midsize businesses to grow and scale profitably.

We love small business and want to help the best small businesses grow and realize their full potential.

Hill Country Data Systems
Managing other businesses data into the computer system while building a data base. Information will be secured and transferred to a back-up system.

To be able to manage a medical billing department which will include collection, posting and research on the patients account if the insurance company rejects the claim.

The Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce