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Havenot Films

Have Not Films Inc. is an international team of industry professionals composed of award-winning writers and filmmakers ‘who’ have united with the intent ‘of’ specializing in the development, packaging, and distribution of motion pictures for global theatrical, television, and digital-delivery (VOD) markets.

RKJB Entertainment

RKJB Entertainment is a theater and film production company that was founded by local artists Robert King, Jr. and Jeremy Brown. The two visionaries established RKJB Entertainment in order to provide a safe and inclusive artistic endeavors for racially and marginalized artists in the greater Austin metro area.

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Bydee Art

My name is Brian Joseph but I am also called “Bydeeman” because I paint and share the philosophy of the fictitious Bydee People that I created with my first painting on September 9, 1986.

All the items I sell (originals, prints, books, cards and t-shirts) display colorful images of the Bydee People.  I have been in business for almost 30 years as the owner of Bydee Art Gallery. Presently I only sell my art online because of  the convenience and flexibility it allows me.  Bydee means Bringing You Delightful Entertaining Experiences.

8202 Edgemoore Pl.
Social Movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

Social Movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

Whatsinthemirror? is a non-profit organization and social movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

The organization was created in Austin, Texas by Founder and Executive Director Tarik Daniels in October, 2015. “I saw a need to merge my two passions together with my background in non-profit organization and being a performing artist and writer. I truly believe that mental health is a topic and idea that has this stigma that needs to be removed. We need to enlightened our communities about the alarming numbers of suicide rates and educate on mental health and suicide prevention. It’s time to begin the conversation and do the work. Spreading love and kindness is key. We are the prevention” Whatsinthemirror? canvasses and advocates in target neighborhoods throughout East Austin.

It has participated in Million Man March Rally at Givens Park, Juneteenth Health Fair. First Saturdays at The George Washington Carver Museum, Sundays in the Park at Givens Park, Suicide Prevention Workshop at THE Q AUSTIN, and countless other events to promote awareness.

Capital City Black Film Festival
Capital City Black Film Festival is a Texas film festival based in Austin, the Capital of Texas. The festival’s goal is to bring together talented African Americans involved in media and the film industry.

CCBFF exists to provide burgeoning filmmakers from across the world an opportunity to showcase their work in one of the top cities in the United States for independent filmmakers – Austin, Texas. CCBFF is dedicated to films written, directed or produced by Black filmmakers and films with Black actors in principle roles. This year we are expanding this further to include filmmakers of other races whose films contain content about Black characters, subject matter, and issues relating to the Black community. CCBFF also educates filmmakers on the vast resources available to them in Austin, and in Texas.

Capital City Black Film Festival

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