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A Glimmer of Hope Austin
We seek to give a voice to neglected populations throughout the Greater Austin Area, which includes supporting programs that uplift seniors and people living with disabilities.

We support programs that make a positive impact on children’s lives. Through sports, art & music, and educational programs we are equipping tomorrow’s leaders with the tools for excellence.

3600 N. Capital of Texas Hwy Building B, Suite 330
Social Movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

Social Movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

Whatsinthemirror? is a non-profit organization and social movement that provides suicide prevention and mental health awareness through art and advocacy to people of color and low socio-economic communities.

The organization was created in Austin, Texas by Founder and Executive Director Tarik Daniels in October, 2015. “I saw a need to merge my two passions together with my background in non-profit organization and being a performing artist and writer. I truly believe that mental health is a topic and idea that has this stigma that needs to be removed. We need to enlightened our communities about the alarming numbers of suicide rates and educate on mental health and suicide prevention. It’s time to begin the conversation and do the work. Spreading love and kindness is key. We are the prevention” Whatsinthemirror? canvasses and advocates in target neighborhoods throughout East Austin.

It has participated in Million Man March Rally at Givens Park, Juneteenth Health Fair. First Saturdays at The George Washington Carver Museum, Sundays in the Park at Givens Park, Suicide Prevention Workshop at THE Q AUSTIN, and countless other events to promote awareness.

Dimensions Of Beauty Outreach Ministries, Inc
Changing our community one life at a time.

501c3 Christian organization created to enrich, educate, and empower individuals to reach their God-given abilities to live out a prosperous and successful life they were designed to live!

Survive2Thrive Foundation
Survive2Thrive is working to provide a national dynamic ecosystem of life saving resources for survivors of domestic violence that have been waitlisted and provide continuing support to survivors recently leaving their local emergency shelter. Through our research, we have found there are many barriers to survivors of domestic violence that prevent them from living full lives. Our hope with Survive2Thrive is to knock down these barriers.

Resources for survivors and their families

The Chinese proverb still holds true… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Survivors of domestic and family violence are ordinary people, coming from regular jobs and families, capable of caring for themselves given the RIGHT tools. Giving a survivor a chance to regain control of their own life is the single most important gift anyone can give to this cause and to this movement.

Survive2Thrive wishes to remind victims of their own power and then to aid them in rebuilding their own lives, moving them from the day to day “survival” mindset to “thriving” in their new community of love and support.

Through the Survive2Thrive interactive website, survivors will be connected and given customized access to a robust repository of resources through partners across the United States including:

Legal Resources
Employment Resources
Child Support Resources
24/7 Online Counseling Support via Phone, Email, Instant Message, and Chat
Financial Success Training
Healthcare Resources
Quality of Life Improvement Discounts
Continuing Education Resources
Childcare Resources
Strategic Exit Planning